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Beginner's Guide

Beginner's Guide

For beginners at the handmade cosmetics factory

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    We support everyone from those who want to learn casually to those who aim to become professionals!

    Beginner's Guide

    Handmade Cosmetics Factory is a place where you can enjoy learning about skin care and create original cosmetics that suit you.
    You can feel free to participate, but the materials we use are made with carefully selected natural ingredients, and expert instructors will provide guidance, so it is also suitable for those who want to pursue a career in skin care or cosmetics production. It is possible.

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    Every Saturday,
    You can take the course anytime!

    Beginner's Guide

    Each class is a complete lesson, so you can start at any time.
    You will create one cosmetic product in one lecture (about 1 hour).
    Please let us know your desired time and the cosmetics you would like to make when making your reservation.

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    High-quality raw materials at affordable prices!

    Beginner's Guide

    At Handmade Cosmetics Factory, we offer extremely high quality materials such as sesame oil and fucoidan. Since there is no need for packaging or advertising costs for selling cosmetics, it can be produced at a very economical price of 3,000 to 4,000 yen.

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    A master course that you can work on as a job!

    Beginner's Guide

    After completing the Meister course and passing the certification exam, you will be able to work as an instructor at a handmade cosmetic factory, and you will also be able to commercialize and sell cosmetics with original formulations at a partner factory. *Sales support such as package production is also available.

Flow from application to enrollment

  • 1Please use the reservation form to indicate your desired time and the cosmetics you would like to make.

    In the reservation form, please select the course etc. from the "If you would like to take a class, please also enter this information" button.
    The Meister course is different from regular reservations, so please write it in the inquiry details field.

  • 2Please arrive 5 minutes before your reservation time on the day of your appointment.

    Lecture times may vary slightly.
    Please arrive at the classroom at least 5 minutes early.
    The classroom is located at the back of the coffee shop facility, so you can wait there.


    * Aprons will be loaned to you during lectures, but just in case, please prepare clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.