Fucoidan, the main ingredient of Elmar Flora, is a precious natural ingredient extracted from mozuku, which is grown in the beautiful and rich sea of ​​the Kingdom of Tonga.

This is a slimy component that surrounds seaweed, and its function is to protect the seaweed itself from damage and drying out.

Fucoidan also forms a protective film on the surface of human skin, protecting your skin from external stresses such as dryness, bacteria, and irritation from allergens.

Furthermore, under the protective film, it promotes the recovery of already damaged tissue and leads to healthy and beautiful skin.

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・Joint research with Kyushu University and Fukuoka Dental University on the anti-inflammatory effects and oral effects of fucoidan

20190322_Development of oral care products with periodontal disease prevention and anti-inflammatory effects using Durbilia Fucoidan FY2018 Final Report of Fukuoka Prefecture New Product and New Technology Creation Research and Development Support Project

・Melanoma suppression research results of fucoidan (joint research with Professor Ono of Fukuoka University)

Effect of fucoidan on G361 cell proliferation (human melanoma (black cancer cells))
Influence of fucoidan on the proliferation in G361 cells.

Inhibitory effect of fucoidan in the proliferation of tumor cells.

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