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Handmade cosmetics factory

Handmade cosmetic factoryCosme factory

  • Key points of handmade cosmetics factory!

    Because they are handmade, you can create original cosmetics that suit your skin.
    Learn about skin and ingredients to create cosmetics that are truly effective.

  • Avoid preservatives as much as possible!

    Since it's handmade, you can adjust the preservatives as you like. They will also give you the correct knowledge about things that are generally not good for your skin, such as preservatives and surfactants, so you can create the right cosmetics.

  • You can acquire correct knowledge about ingredients!

    At Handmade Cosmetics Factory, we proceed with making cosmetics while carefully explaining the materials and ingredients used. You can learn about the usefulness of familiar ingredients in cosmetics that you have used in the past, and what materials and ingredients may have negative effects.

acquire more specialized knowledge,
Create new business.

About certified courses

You will learn not only the basic knowledge of cosmetics, but also the basic knowledge of the body and how to make cosmetics from a professional instructor, and by passing the certification exam, you will be certified as an instructor.

  1. 1Able to teach cosmetics making as an instructor at a handmade cosmetics factory
  2. 2You can create original cosmetics and sell them as products.

We can also support you with anything you need, such as package design and factory introductions.


Beginner's Guide

Key points of handmade cosmetics factory,
Class flow etc.


About the course

Introduction of courses and instructors

Customer's voiceVoice

  • Ms. Yoshikawa (38 years old, housewife)

    It was my first time participating! A super stylish cafe is a classroom, and it's like this? I thought so, but on the other hand, I guess it was a good thing that I was able to relax. The teacher's talk was very interesting and I learned a lot about cosmetics. As soon as I get home, I'll take a look at the ingredients in the cosmetics I'm currently using.
    This time I made a cleanser, and it was a lot of fun as it was like a science experiment (lol) It turns out it's easier than I thought. The test of washing only one hand with the finished cleanser was amazing!

  • Ms. Yanagita (41 years old, housewife)

    I was introduced to the program by a friend, and it was a very fruitful time.
    I was surprised at how easy it was to make the lotion I made in class.
    I also liked that I could choose my favorite scent.

  • Mr. Kai (33 years old, office worker)

    I learned a lot. Professor Nakamura's story is very interesting.
    Since I make it myself, I know that I'm not adding anything harmful to my skin.
    Mixing the cleanser was quite difficult for me as I don't cook. My arm hurt.
    I will also be participating in the production of other cosmetics.