[10 ways to generate vitamin D and support skin immunity] Part 3 **Choose clothes with high UV transmittance**

Wearing clothing made of thin fabrics with high UV transmittance allows you to receive sunlight and support vitamin D production.

While sunbathing has positive effects on your health, excessive UV exposure can have negative effects on your skin. Below are some tips for taking appropriate UV protection while sunbathing.

  1. **Use Sunscreen:** Sunscreen is important to protect your skin from UV rays. Choose a sunscreen with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) and apply it liberally before you start sunbathing. It is also important to reapply regularly.

  1. **Wearing a light-blocking hat or hat:** Wearing a light-blocking hat or a wide-brimmed hat can protect your face and scalp from UV rays.

  1. **Wearing long sleeves and pants:** Wearing long sleeves and pants can reduce direct skin exposure to UV rays.

  1. **Wear sunglasses:** Wear sunglasses with appropriate UV protection to protect your eyes from UV rays.

  1. **Limit Sunbathing Time:** It is important to sunbathe at appropriate times and avoid excessive hours. Morning hours are especially suitable.

  1. **Check the UV index:** The UV index indicates the intensity of UV rays that day. Take special precautions on days when the index is high.

  1. **Hydration:** It is important to drink enough water when sunbathing. Exposure to ultraviolet rays makes it easier to lose water, so proper hydration is necessary.

By taking these measures, you can enjoy the health benefits of sunbathing while minimizing the negative effects of UV rays on your skin.


"Beautiful skin is the result of love and care for yourself." - Tilda Swinton


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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