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elmar GARDEN mist lorion elmar garden mist lotion

elmar GARDEN mist lorion elmar garden mist lotion

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customer's voice

Thank you so much for all your comments!

It was refreshing and comfortable to use.
It was easy to use because it easily moisturizes during dry periods! I like the smell.
It has a very soothing scent and feels like it absorbs into the skin quickly, making it very comfortable to use.
The acne on my cheeks has also improved a little.
It's very moisturizing and I found it to be perfect for someone like me who suffers from dryness.
The morning after I used it, my skin felt smooth and nice!
The scent was very nice!
Although it was thick, it felt smooth and fresh when I applied it ✨ When I applied it, my skin felt plump ♡
After using it, I felt like the smell of sweat disappeared.
I especially found the scent to be refreshing and felt calming when applied to my face. On the other hand, there were some cases where I could not feel the effectiveness of the product in terms of moisturizing, which is one of the product's appeals. I thought that increasing the amount of liquid sprayed and making the particle size finer would make it easier to feel the moisturizing feeling.
I'm looking forward to seeing the product, which has ingredients I've never seen before and fascinating effects.
I would appreciate it if you could refer to it.
I heard that the smell might be strong, but it didn't bother me that much. It's a spray type, so it's easy to apply after taking a bath.
It was very easy to use because you can just spray it on when it's dry. The size was just right and it came in handy when traveling and going out.
Very easy to use and carry
I couldn't really feel the moisturizing effect.
I don't do much skin care, so I can't tell you the details, but I feel like my skin has improved.
My skin is less likely to get rough. My pores are gone.
It had a smooth finish without any stickiness. However, it was also moisturizing and didn't dry out, so I could use it every day! My skin is getting better and I will continue to use it from now on ♩
The dry season has come, but after using it, I no longer have to worry about dryness.
My skin condition is also very good ♪

Refreshes stickiness and odor

Elmar Garden contains moisturizing ingredients that won't dry out your skin after refreshing.
When your skin sweats or is exposed to UV rays, its barrier function decreases and it becomes more prone to dryness.
Mist lotion contains humic acid, which improves skin texture and protects moisture, and fucoidan, which has high water-retention ability, to protect your skin from sunburn, sweat rash, and other skin problems.

Features of elmar GARDEN mist lotion

・Contains fucoidan, humic acid, and eucalyptus oil ・Contains natural eucalyptus ingredients to refresh stickiness and odor ・Adjusts the balance of indigenous bacteria on the skin ・Can be used for face, body, and hair care.
・Can be used over makeup.

how to use

Spray on sweaty face and body.
Please use by shaking several pumps on areas where you are concerned about acne or rash.
Please use by swishing several times on the underarms and sensitive areas where you are concerned about odors. It can be used safely by both men and children.

Mist lotion that soothes the body

Our skin coexists with many bacteria (resident bacteria). Among them, there are some called good bacteria, some called bad bacteria, and some called opportunistic bacteria, and by maintaining the balance of these bacteria, human skin is kept healthy. However, when this balance is disrupted, abnormalities occur in the skin. For example, too many acne bacteria can cause acne and pimples, and too many other bad bacteria can cause skin problems such as rashes and inflammation, as well as odors. Elmar Garden is a mist lotion that is formulated with a high content of humic acid, which energizes the good bacteria on the skin, to balance the bacteria and solve skin problems and odor problems caused by the growth of bad bacteria. When you sweat or feel uncomfortable, just wipe it on and you'll feel refreshed.

Ingredients: Water, rock extract, Cladosiphon novae caledoniae polysaccharide, propanediol, eucalyptus oil, caprylic hydroxamic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil

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