[10 relaxing methods to relieve daily stress] Part 8 **Hand massage**

Hand massage, which is performed while pressing pressure points on your hands and fingers, is easy to perform, but it can relieve fatigue in your wrists and fingers, contributing to stress relief.

Hand massage is a highly relaxing technique that focuses on the wrists and fingers. It helps relieve stress by relaxing your hand muscles and promoting blood circulation. Below are the basic steps for hand massage to relieve stress.

### Basic steps of hand massage:

  1. **Warming your hands:** Warming your hands first will improve blood circulation. Warm your hands by rubbing them gently or washing them with warm water.

  1. **Finger Stretch:** Gently stretch each finger, one at a time, to stimulate blood circulation. Pay particular attention to your joints and fingertips.

  1. **Wrist rotation:** Slowly rotate your wrist in a circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise. This will relieve tension around your wrists.

  1. **Thumb Massage:** Using the thumb of your other hand, apply gentle pressure from the base of your other hand's thumb to your wrist. Repeat several times from the base of your thumb to your wrist.

  1. **Finger massage:** Combine your fingers and massage gently. Loosen each finger in turn.

  1. **Palm massage:** Massage the entire palm in a circular motion. Particular emphasis is placed on the center of the palm and the base of the fingers.

  1. **Finger bending and straightening:** Repeat the motion of slightly bending and straightening each finger. This moves the joints of your fingers and increases flexibility.

  1. **Reply to the whole thing:** After completing the above steps, perform the same procedure on the other hand. By repeating this process several times, you can expect to improve blood circulation in your hands and relieve stress.

Hand massage is one of the easiest ways to relax. Please try it when your hands are tired or stressed.


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