[10 ways to relax to relieve daily stress] Part 3 **Yoga and stretching**

Yoga and stretching relax your body and calm your mind at the same time. Try incorporating simple stretches and yoga poses into your daily routine.

Yoga and stretching are effective in improving your body's flexibility and strength, and promoting mental and physical health. Below is a brief explanation of the benefits and methods of yoga and stretching.

### Benefits of yoga:

  1. **Improve flexibility:** Yoga poses and asanas stretch different parts of the body and improve flexibility.

  1. **Increases strength:** Yoga includes bodyweight exercises and balancing poses that can help increase muscle strength.

  1. **Stress Reduction:** Yoga, combined with deep breathing techniques and meditation, can help reduce stress and anxiety.

  1. **Improves Posture:** Yoga provides exercises for maintaining proper posture, contributing to improved posture in daily life.

  1. **Breathing Regulation:** Deep breathing techniques are important in yoga, which regulates breathing and has a relaxing effect.

### How to do yoga:

  1. **Hatha Yoga:** Characterized by deep breathing while holding poses, there are various classes for beginners to advanced.

  1. **Vinyasa Yoga:** A type of yoga that improves cardiovascular function by performing a series of poses and linking breathing and movement.

  1. **Ashtanga Yoga:** A systematic series of poses and breathing techniques, characterized by powerful movements.

### Effects of stretching:

  1. **Improve flexibility:** Stretching loosens muscles and joints and improves flexibility.

  1. **Relieves muscle tension:** Holding the same pose for a long time releases muscle tension and has a relaxing effect.

  1. **Improvement of joint movement:** It has the effect of widening the range of motion of joints and maintaining normal movement.

  1. **Improves Posture:** Stretching helps balance muscles and promotes good posture.

### How to stretch:

  1. **Static stretching:** A method of stretching muscles and joints by holding a pose for a certain amount of time.

  1. **Dynamic stretching:** A method of stretching that involves gentle movements to make muscles and joints more flexible.

  1. **Active Stretching:** Stretching that uses your own muscle strength, aiming to improve muscle strength and flexibility at the same time.

  1. **Yoga Stretch:** There are also stretches that incorporate yoga poses.

The appropriate method of yoga and stretching varies depending on the individual's physical condition and goals, so it is important to find a style that suits you and practice regularly.


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