[10 ways to relax and relieve daily stress] Part 5: Listen to your favorite music**

Listening to your favorite music is an effective way to change your mood and relieve stress. When you want to relax, choose calm music or sounds of nature.

Music has psychological effects and is effective in changing your mood and relieving stress. Below, we will explain the effects of music on changing your mood and relieving stress, and how to do so.

### Effects of music on changing your mood and relieving stress:

  1. **Mood changes:** Music can express emotions and moods in a rich way. Listening to your favorite music can change your mood and promote positive emotions.

  1. **Brain Activation:** Listening to music activates the brain and has the effect of improving creativity and concentration.

  1. **Relaxing effect:** Listening to relaxing music or the sounds of nature promotes the secretion of relaxation hormones and relieves physical and mental tension.

  1. **Stress Reduction:** Music can suppress the secretion of stress hormones and have a relaxing effect. Pleasant music is especially effective in reducing stress.

### How to change your mood and relieve stress through music:

  1. **Choose your favorite music:** Choose the music you like and the genre that matches your mood. Songs that make you feel positive energy are effective.

  1. **Relaxing music:** Relaxing tempo, nature sounds, healing music, etc. can have a relaxing effect. It is effective when combined with meditation and deep breathing.

  1. **Invigorating music:** When you want to energize yourself, choose fast-paced or upbeat music. It will boost your energy and change your mood.

  1. **Exercise while listening to music:** If you take a walk, jog, or work out while listening to music, you can expect to get a good workout and relieve stress.

  1. **Attending live music and concerts:** Experiencing live music can also be beneficial. Live performances and concerts can be moving and memorable experiences.

Music varies from person to person, so it's important to find the music and approach that suits you. When you feel down or stressed, try using music to change your mood.


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