[10 ways to relax to relieve daily stress] Part 2 **Spend time in nature**

A walk in the park or in nature is a way to relax while breathing in fresh air. Being exposed to the beauty of nature can soothe your soul.

Here, we will introduce forest bathing as a typical example. Forest bathing is gaining attention for its health benefits that can be gained by spending time relaxing in the forest or nature. Below, we will explain the effects of forest bathing and how to do it.

### Effects of forest bathing:

  1. **Stress Reduction:** Being in nature reduces stress hormones and has a relaxing effect.

  1. **Strengthening the immune system:** Forest bathing is said to activate the immune system through the influence of natural phytoncides (volatile organic compounds emitted by plants).

  1. **Improve your mood:** The beauty and tranquility of nature soothes your soul and refreshes your mood.

  1. **Improves alertness:** A quiet walk or observation in nature may improve concentration and alertness.

  1. **Stabilizes heart rate and blood pressure:** Forest bathing is known to stabilize heart rate and blood pressure, which has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

### How to practice forest bathing:

  1. **Walk slowly:** Walking slowly in the forest or nature allows you to relax while feeling the surrounding environment.

  1. **Touching trees:** Touching the branches and leaves of trees will help you feel in touch with nature and have a relaxing effect.

  1. **Deep Breaths:** Taking deep breaths in nature allows you to take in fresh air and relax.

  1. **Sitting and Observing:** You can enjoy your time in nature just by sitting and observing trees, plants and animals.

  1. **Spend time near water:** There are also rivers and lakes in the forest. Spending time quietly by the water also calms your mind.

Forest bathing is particularly popular in Japan, but similar effects can be expected in any natural environment. Regular forest bathing and a break from your busy daily life will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.


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