[10 ways to eat a balanced diet containing vitamins and minerals for beautiful skin] Part 10 **Hydration**

Adequate hydration is important for beautiful skin. Drinking the right amount of water every day will help keep your skin hydrated.

There is a lot of water in one word.

type of water

There are many different types of drinking water, each with different benefits. Here are some common types of drinking water and their benefits:

  1. **Natural water (natural water):**

- **Effect:** Water flowing from a natural source. It contains a good balance of minerals and is widely used as a healthy drinking water. It maintains the body's water balance and contributes to mineral replenishment.

  1. **Purified water:**

- **Effect:** Water treated at sewage treatment or water treatment plants. Primarily used for drinking water, it is free of harmful substances and bacteria, making it a safe and clean water source.

  1. **Mineral water:**

- **Effect:** Water rich in specific minerals. Contributes to mineral replenishment and health maintenance. Mineral waters from different brands and regions have different mineral compositions.

  1. **Carbonated water:**

- **Effect:** Carbonated water with added carbon dioxide. It has a refreshing feeling and is expected to be enjoyed as a drink and have digestive effects. However, carbonated water contains carbon dioxide, so consuming too much can put a strain on your stomach.

  1. **Hot spring water:**

- **Effect:** Warm water gushing out from underground due to geothermal activity. Hot springs contain various minerals and are expected to have skin health and relaxation effects.

  1. **Alkaline water:**

- **Effect:** Water that maintains alkalinity. It is expected to have the effect of neutralizing acidity in the body, and is said to contribute to improving the acidic constitution and maintaining the health of the digestive system. However, medical support is limited.

  1. **Chlorinated water:**

- **Effect:** Water from which chlorine has been removed through water purification treatment. It reduces the unpleasant smell and taste of chlorine, making it easier to drink.

  1. **Electrolyzed reduced water (hydrogen water):**

- **Effect:** Water that generates hydrogen by passing electricity through it. It is expected to have antioxidant effects, supporting oxygen supply to cells and may contribute to the removal of active oxygen.

The type and benefits of drinking water vary depending on your individual health status and needs. It's important to consult your doctor or dietitian, especially if you have any health concerns.


"Your skin shines when you take care of yourself. Your inner beauty colors your outer appearance." - Irina Shayk


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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