[10 ways to get a comfortable sleep for skin regeneration] Part 9 **Stress management**

Stress before going to bed can lead to poor quality sleep. Try to use relaxation techniques and stress management to fall asleep in a comfortable state.

Sleep is a physiological process that plays a very important role in health and daily life. Below we provide some basic information about sleep.

### 1. **Sleep Cycle:**

- Sleep is a cyclical process consisting of multiple cycles. Basically, it is divided into two major stages: NREM sleep (non-acute and acute stages) and REM sleep (acute stage). These cycles are repeated several times.

### 2. **NREM sleep:**

- NREM sleep is divided into two stages: light sleep and deep sleep. Light sleep lowers your body temperature, while deep sleep secretes growth hormone, which helps your body repair and grow.

### 3. **REM sleep:**

- During REM sleep (acute stage), the brain becomes active and dreams may occur. Emotional and learning processing is thought to take place during this stage.

### 4. **Importance of sleep cycle:**

- Going through a proper sleep cycle is necessary for physical and mental health. Adequate sleep strengthens memory, supports immune function, reduces stress, and improves mental stability.

### 5. **Sleep quantity and quality:**

- The amount of sleep adults need per night varies from person to person, but 7 to 9 hours is generally recommended. Quality sleep indicates that you are able to enter deep sleep cycles.

### 6. **Influence factors:**

- There are various factors that influence sleep. Lifestyle, stress, diet, exercise, sleeping environment, etc. all affect sleep.

### 7. **Sleep disorders:**

- Sleep disorders come in many forms, including insomnia, sleep apnea, and hypersomnia. These disorders can have negative health effects.

### 8. **Approaches to improve sleep:**

- In order to promote good quality sleep, it is important to have a regular lifestyle, a comfortable bedroom environment, practicing relaxation techniques, appropriate exercise, and eating a balanced diet.

### 9. **Precautions before going to bed:**

- Before going to bed, it is important to create an environment conducive to good sleep, such as refraining from using screens, limiting caffeine and alcohol intake, and engaging in relaxing activities.

Good sleep contributes to physical and mental health and improves the quality of your daily life. It is important to develop appropriate sleep habits according to your individual constitution and living environment.


"Beauty is the natural sound of the skin. Inner harmony makes outward beauty." - Diane von Furstenberg


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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