[10 ways to get a comfortable sleep for skin regeneration] Part 5 **Relaxation habits**

Adopting a relaxing habit before bed will help you fall asleep better. Light stretching, reading, meditation, and taking a bath can all help.

Here we will introduce the best aromatherapy before bedtime.

Aromatherapy is widely known as a method of using scent to promote relaxation of the mind and body. Below are some examples of aroma oils and scents to help you relax before bed. When incorporating aromatherapy, it is a good idea to choose a scent that suits your tastes and physical condition.

  1. **lavender:**

- Lavender has a relaxing effect and is said to reduce anxiety and stress. Try spraying some lavender aroma into your diffuser or pillow before bed.

  1. **chamomile:**

- The scent of chamomile is gentle and relaxing. Enjoying the aroma of chamomile before bed can help relieve tension.

  1. **Eucalyptus:**

- Eucalyptus improves nasal passages and has a relaxing effect. Add eucalyptus essential oil to your bath or use a diffuser to scent it.

  1. **vanilla:**

- The scent of vanilla gives a feeling of warmth and has a relaxing effect. Enjoying the aroma of vanilla may give you a sense of security.

  1. **Bergamot:**

- Bergamot has a citrus scent that helps you relax and relieve stress. Enjoying the aroma of bergamot before bed may induce a comfortable sleep.

  1. **Sandalwood:**

- The scent of sandalwood is calming and soothing. Enjoying the aroma of sandalwood in a diffuser or aroma lamp before bedtime may help you fall into a deep sleep.

These aromas can be used in a variety of ways, including diffusers, aroma lamps, aroma stones, and aroma necklaces. However, each person's sensitivity to scents is different, so it's best to experiment with trial and error to find the scent you like.


"Beauty is the natural secret of the skin. Inner radiance makes the outside beautiful." - Sophie Lauren


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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