[10 ways to get a comfortable sleep for skin regeneration] Part 2 **Use comfortable bedding**

Choosing a quality mattress and pillow and using clean bedding will help your body rest easily.

Choosing comfortable bedding is an important factor in promoting quality sleep and positively impacting your health. Below are some points to consider when choosing comfortable bedding.

  1. **Mattress support and proper firmness:**

- Mattress is an important element that supports the spine and provides a comfortable sleeping experience. Choose a mattress that has the firmness and support that suits your sleeping position and weight.

  1. **How ​​to choose a pillow:**

- It is important to choose a pillow with the appropriate height and firmness to suit your sleeping position and neck curve. Choose pillows that suit whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach.

  1. **Bedding material:**

- Bedding material also affects comfort. We recommend natural materials that are breathable and moisture-wicking (cotton, linen, etc.). Also, if you are concerned about allergies, consider choosing hypoallergenic materials.

  1. **Choose bedding appropriate for the season:**

- When there are temperature differences depending on the season, the key to staying comfortable is to use futons and blankets that match the season.

  1. **Size correctness:**

- It is important to choose the size of your mattress and bedding that suits your sleeping space and body type. Sleeping with enough space will make it easier to turn over.

  1. **Washable bedding:**

- Make sure your bedding is washable to keep it hygienic. Being able to wash your bedding allows you to keep it clean.

  1. **Bedding durability:**

- Bedding needs to be replaced regularly, but by choosing durable bedding, you can maintain a comfortable sleeping environment economically and sustainably.

  1. **Design to suit your personal taste:**

- The design and color of bedding are also important in creating a comfortable sleeping environment. Choose based on your personal preferences and the relaxing atmosphere.

By considering these points and choosing bedding that suits you, you can support quality sleep.


"Your skin begins to sing when you take care of yourself." - Brenda Gamboa


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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