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Amino Fugoidan Amino Fucoidan (liquid) 1800ml

Amino Fugoidan Amino Fucoidan (liquid) 1800ml

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Text block Divide into 4 doses a day and drink on an empty stomach.

Fucoidan is one of the nutrients that is currently attracting the most attention, and is contained in the slimy components of seaweed.
Fucoidan is said to be a high-molecular polysaccharide, and has the disadvantage that it is difficult to absorb into the body because it has many sugars intertwined in a complex manner.However, aminofucoidan has been successfully reduced in molecular weight during the manufacturing process, and its absorption rate from the gastrointestinal tract has been improved. was able to increase significantly.
Aminofucoidan uses fucoidan from Tonga, which is rich in essential amino acids and minerals, and we purposely leave some of these amino acids and minerals in the product so that they can be absorbed together.
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