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elmar BAMBA grooming spray elmar BAMBA grooming spray

elmar BAMBA grooming spray elmar BAMBA grooming spray

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Gently groom your beloved horse

Gently protects your horse's fur by keeping it moisturized after sweating and exposure to UV rays.

This grooming spray contains humic acid, which adjusts the texture of the coat and protects moisture, and fucoidan, which has high water retention capacity, to protect your dog or horse from skin and coat problems such as sunburn and sweat rash.

Features of elmar BANBA grooming spray

・Contains fucoidan, humic acid, and eucalyptus oil.・Contains natural eucalyptus ingredients to repel insects and balance the resident bacteria on the hair and skin.・Fucoidan and humic acid adjust the condition of the hair and skin.
・As it is cosmetic grade, it can be safely used by both humans and animals.

how to use

Gently groom by spraying the spray all over the body.

Capacity: 300ml


Water, rock extract, Cladosiphon novae caledoniae polysaccharide, propanediol, eucalyptus oil, caprylic hydroxamic acid, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil

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