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NK fucoidan NK fucoidan

NK fucoidan NK fucoidan

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Text block Take 3 tablets a day before each meal.

This whole grain of fucoidan!

Healthy ingredients derived from seaweed newly discovered through joint research with Horiuchi and Kyushu University

HORIUCHI H-Fucoidan (polymer fucoidan) 96%, blended molecular weight 6,000 to 40,000

[Contains fucoidan]
per grain
in 1 bottle

■100% organic

100% seaweed extract

Name: Brown algae extract processed food
Ingredients: Fucoidan-containing brown algae extract (manufactured in Japan), sucrose ester, fine silicon dioxide, HPMC (capsules)
Contents: 34.8g (1 tablet weight 290mg/content 220mg x 120 tablets)
How to take: About 4 tablets per day
Best before date: 2 years (unopened only)

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