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organic sesame cream natural beeswax cream 20ml

organic sesame cream natural beeswax cream 20ml

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Sesame cream is made with natural beeswax and sesame oil from the honeycombs of the Bambara bee in Sri Lanka.

The good thing about this beeswax cream is that it has a simple manufacturing method.

I think they are extracting propolis and other ingredients just by boiling it without adding alcohol or anything.

When we boil the beehives collected by local people in Sri Lanka in a kiln, the ingredients inside the beehives become two solids: propolis and other ingredients.

Take each one and add the oil to the propolis, followed by the mass with the other ingredients to make the cream.

That's all there is to it. (Although it does contain plenty of luxurious ingredients such as propolis, royal jelly, and pollen from various flowers.) I think the beauty of it is that it's simple and doesn't add anything unnecessary.

This cream is especially popular among people with atopic dermatitis.

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