[10 ways to take probiotics to support intestinal health and have a positive effect on the resident bacteria on your skin] Part 8 **Stress management**

Long-term stress can disrupt the balance in your intestines. Taking time for relaxation techniques and hobbies can support your gut and skin health.

Hobbies that support gut and skin health are recommended if they promote relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. Below are some hobbies that have a positive impact on the health of your gut and skin.

  1. **yoga:**

- **Benefits:** Yoga is a relaxing exercise that combines stretching and deep breathing. It helps reduce stress and lack of exercise, and may have a positive impact on gut and skin health.

  1. **cooking:**

- **Benefits:** Cooking healthy meals supports your intestinal environment and allows you to eat a nutritionally balanced diet. You can expand your diet by trying new recipes and ingredients.

  1. **Facial massage:**

- **Effects:** Massaging your face and neck by yourself will promote blood circulation and improve skin blood flow and metabolism. You can also expect a relaxing effect.

  1. **Outdoor activities:**

- **Benefits:** Exposure to nature provides stress relief and an opportunity for exercise. Outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, and cycling promote physical and mental health.

  1. **reading:**

- **Effect:** Reading interesting books and articles has a relaxing effect. It is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge about health and beauty and acquire new healthy habits.

  1. **meditation:**

- **Benefits:** Meditation helps reduce stress and calm your mind. It may also affect gut-brain interactions and improve gut health and skin tone.

  1. **Arts/Crafts:**

- **Benefits:** Arts and crafts provide a creative outlet and can reduce stress. Making handmade items also gives you a sense of accomplishment.

These hobbies vary depending on individual preferences and lifestyles, but it's important to find activities that suit you and support your health while having fun.


"Skin shines when you take care of yourself. Outer beauty comes from inner health." - Deepka Padukone


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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