[10 points for choosing skin-friendly products] Part 8 **Precautions for products containing natural ingredients and typical allergy causes**

Products that contain naturally derived ingredients are generally considered to be gentler on the skin. However, even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, so be careful.

Even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions. This is due to an individual's allergic predisposition or hypersensitivity to certain ingredients. Below are some common examples of natural ingredients that can cause allergic reactions:

  1. **Pollen/Plant Allergens**: Allergens found in pollen and plants are sometimes used as natural ingredients. Examples include chamomile and magnolia. People with hay fever or plant allergies may have an allergic reaction to these ingredients.

  1. **Essential oils**: Many essential oils are natural ingredients and are widely used in aromatherapy and other applications. However, it can cause allergies, especially if applied directly to the skin or used in large quantities. Examples include lavender and tea tree oil.

  1. **Nuts**: Natural oils, such as almond oil and avocado oil, may contain ingredients derived from nuts. People with nut allergies may have an allergic reaction to these ingredients.

  1. **Honey and propolis**: Honey and propolis are natural ingredients that have moisturizing and antibacterial effects. However, some people have allergic reactions to honey and propolis.

  1. **Grain Allergens**: Grains used as natural ingredients may contain allergens such as wheat and soy. People with these grain allergies may also have allergic reactions to products derived from natural ingredients.

When introducing a new product, it is important to perform a patch test and carefully monitor the situation, taking into account allergies and sensitivities. It is also necessary to consult a doctor or specialist, especially if a serious allergic reaction is possible.


"Your skin is a mirror of your mental health. Cherishing and loving yourself is the secret to beauty."

- Valerie Montez


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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