[10 points to properly moisturize your skin] Part 2 **Precautions when taking a bath**:

**Precautions when taking a bath**:

In order to maintain beautiful skin, proper care is required even when bathing. Below is some advice on how to bathe for beautiful skin.

  1. **Use lukewarm water:** Hot water can dry out your skin. Choose lukewarm water to reduce the burden on your skin.

  1. **Avoid long baths:** Long baths strip your skin of its natural moisturizers and can actually dry it out. Ideally, you should take a bath for about 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. **Use moisturizers and bath salts:** Bath salts and moisturizers will soften your skin. However, if it does not suit your skin, please refrain from using it.

  1. **Exfoliate with a sheet or body scrub:** Use a sheet or body scrub to remove dead skin cells about once a week to brighten your skin.

  1. **Wash gently:** It is important to wash gently and not rub with too much force. Choose facial cleansers and body soaps that suit your skin.

  1. **Don't wash your face:** Sometimes it's better not to wash your face when taking a bath. Avoid over-washing your face as the steam from the hot water will thoroughly cleanse your face.

  1. **Finish with warm water:** After bathing, rinse your body with lukewarm or cold water to tighten your pores. This tightens the skin and gives it a glow.

  1. **Don't forget to moisturize:** Immediately after bathing, use a moisturizer or body lotion to thoroughly moisturize your entire body.

  1. **Bathtub Cleaning:** Regularly cleaning the bathtub, shower spout, and drain can prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

  1. **Massage while taking a bath:** Massage while taking a bath promotes blood circulation and improves skin metabolism. It is especially effective to massage with an awareness of lymph flow.

By following these tips, bathing will become part of your skin care routine. However, it is important to find a method that suits you, as each individual's skin type and physical condition is different.


"Healthy skin is the result of taking care of yourself and treating yourself with care." - Molly Shannon


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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