**17. "Skin flora partnership, the key to beautiful skin. Acne prevention"**

A partnership with skin flora is the key to beautiful skin. By taking care of your skin flora and supporting skin health, you can achieve beautiful skin.

Skin flora is the balance of resident bacteria that make up our skin, and maintaining this balance maintains healthy and beautiful skin. However, when this ecosystem is disrupted by acne bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, skin problems can occur.

When the correct balance is maintained, acne bacteria performs the necessary functions for the skin, but when the balance is disrupted, they proliferate within the pores and combine with excessive secretion of sebum, causing acne. When the skin flora is disrupted, acne bacteria can easily proliferate, causing an imbalance in the skin and making acne more likely to occur.

Proper skin care is essential to building a healthy partnership with your skin's flora. Using gentle cleansers and moisturizers and avoiding over-cleansing will protect your skin flora and prevent the growth of acne-causing bacteria. Also, use skin care products that contain probiotics and prebiotics to increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in your skin and promote healthy skin conditions.

Below are some examples of skin care ingredients and products that contain popular probiotics and prebiotics:

**1. Probiotics (beneficial microorganisms):**

- **Lactobacillus:** A type of lactic acid bacteria that supports the skin's barrier function and has antibacterial effects.

- **Bifidobacterium:** A type of lactic acid bacteria that contributes to skin moisturization and antioxidant effects.

**2. Prebiotics (components that serve as food for beneficial microorganisms):**

- **Inulin:** A type of prebiotic that promotes hydration and skin health.

- **Ceramide derivative:** Interacts with multiple prebiotics to improve skin hydration and barrier function.

- **Humic acid, fulvic acid:** Humic acid and fulvic acid have the ability to activate lactic acid bacteria.

- **Fucoidan:** Fucoidan has the ability to activate bifidobacteria.

**3. Fermentation Extract:**

- **Fermented Extract:** The extract obtained through the fermentation process has probiotic and prebiotic properties that even out and brighten skin tone.

It is important to seek the opinion of the family. It is also important to check the ingredients, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies.


"Beauty is the result of good deeds and harmony, which creates charm." - David H. Uberman


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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