**19. The importance of care that balances resident bacteria**

In order to prevent acne, it is important to balance the resident bacteria on your skin. If proper care is not taken, excessive secretion of sebum and inflammation will occur, leading to chronic acne.

Proper facial cleansing, moisturizing, and proper sebum control are necessary.

Over-washing has the opposite effect, and if your skin feels like it lacks sebum due to over-washing, it will secrete more sebum to maintain its condition. This helps the acne bacteria that loves sebum to proliferate, making acne even worse.

When washing your face, avoid using strong cleansers and limit yourself to washing with water or using gentle face washes.

Also, after washing your face, be sure to use skin care products that support the beneficial bacteria in your skin to keep your skin balanced.


"Beauty is the radiance that radiates from within." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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