[10 ways to take probiotics to support intestinal health and have a positive effect on the resident bacteria on your skin] Part 2

■2. **Consumption of fermented foods**: Fermented foods such as kimchi, natto, and koji also contain abundant probiotics. Eating these foods will improve your intestinal environment and have a positive effect on your skin.

Japan is rich in fermented foods, which are said to be good for health and beauty. Below, we will list some of Japan's representative fermented foods and their characteristics.

  1. **Miso:**

- **Characteristics:** Main ingredients are soybeans and rice, fermented with koji and salt. There are various types, including sweet miso, red miso, and white miso.

- **Uses:** In addition to being used as a base for miso soup, it is widely used in cooking and as a marinade sauce.

  1. **soy sauce:**

- **Characteristics:** Uses soybeans and wheat, fermented with koji, and then brewed. It is a traditional Japanese seasoning, and there are many different types.

- **Uses:** Widely used as a seasoning to add aroma and deep flavor to dishes.

  1. **Natto:**

- **Characteristics:** A food made from soybeans and fermented by bacteria (Bacillus natto). It has a unique flavor and sticky texture.

- **Uses:** Used in traditional Japanese dishes such as eating with rice, adding to miso soup, and natto rolls.

  1. **Koji:**

- **Characteristics:** A product made by fermenting rice, soybeans, wheat, etc. using koji mold. It is a raw material for miso, soy sauce, sake, amazake, etc.

- **Uses:** Used in the production of various fermented foods, and also plays a role in creating the flavor of soy sauce and miso.

  1. **Scream:**

- **Characteristics:** Salmon lees fermented with koji mold. It is rich in flavor and rich in protein and B vitamins.

- **Uses:** In addition to being eaten over rice, it is sometimes used as an accent to dishes.

  1. **Amazake:**

- **Characteristics:** A sweet drink whose main ingredient is rice, fermented with koji, water, and salt. Alcohol content is low.

- **Uses:** In addition to drinking it as a beverage, it is also used to sweeten dishes and make the surface of baked goods glossy.

  1. **Umeboshi:**

- **Characteristics:** Plums pickled in salt and fermented. It's sour and salty.

- **Uses:** Used as a side dish with rice or enjoyed as umeboshi tea or umeboshi sake.

These fermented foods are rooted in Japan's traditional food culture and health habits, and contain various nutrients and beneficial bacteria. It also has a unique flavor and texture, and is used in a wide variety of dishes.


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