[10 points to properly moisturize your skin] Part 5 **Hydration**

Drinking plenty of water during the day also helps keep your skin moisturized. Make a conscious effort to stay hydrated, especially in dry seasons or in dry environments.

Staying hydrated during the day is important for a healthy life. Below are some helpful topics about staying hydrated during the day.

  1. **Need for Adequate Hydration:** Water is essential for internal body function and metabolism. By drinking enough water, you can maintain a healthy physical condition and beautiful skin.

  1. **Individual hydration needs vary:** Everyone's hydration needs vary depending on their physical activity level, temperature, weight, etc. Adjust your hydration to suit your individual situation.

  1. **Use an easy-to-carry water bottle:** By carrying a water bottle with you, you can easily stay hydrated even during busy days. Items with leaflets or heat retention functions are also options.

  1. **Hydration from food:** Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of water. By eating a balanced diet, you can also get water from your food.

  1. **Use a sports drink in moderation:** If you exercise or engage in strenuous activity, you may use an appropriate sports drink to replenish your electrolytes. However, water is the most suitable for normal daily life.

  1. **Be careful with your coffee and tea intake:** Coffee and tea can also help you stay hydrated, but caffeine is a diuretic, so be careful not to consume too much.

  1. **Countermeasures for dry environments:** Moisture evaporates more easily in dry environments. Especially when indoors with air conditioning, it is necessary to drink plenty of water.

  1. **Effects of physical condition and illness:** When you have a fever or are sick, you lose water more easily than usual. Make sure to drink enough water depending on your physical condition and medical condition.

  1. **Timing for hydration:** It is best to hydrate when you especially need hydration, such as after waking up, before and after meals, and before and after exercise.

  1. **Options other than water:** In addition to water, other hydration options include fruit juices, unsweetened herbal teas, soft drinks, and vegetable juices. However, you need to be careful about the sugar content.

"Beautiful skin is a balance from the inside out. Nutrition, exercise and love are the key words." - Nicholas Evans

I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.

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