[10 points to properly moisturize your skin] Part 10 **Moisturizing mask once a week**:

By using a sheet mask or gel mask that is rich in moisturizing ingredients once a week, you can perform intensive moisturizing care.

Below are some points on how to choose and use them.

### How to choose a sheet mask:

  1. **Choose ingredients that suit your skin type:** Check the ingredients contained in the sheet mask depending on the purpose, such as moisturizing, whitening, acne care, etc.

  1. **Choose products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic:** If you have sensitive skin or don't like scents, it's best to choose products that are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.

  1. **Check the sheet material:** There are various materials such as cotton, cellulose, and hyaluronic acid. You can use it comfortably by choosing a soft material that suits your skin.

  1. **Fits well-fitting design:** Choosing a seat with a design that fits the curves of your face will make it easier for the seat to adhere to your face.

  1. **High-density essence products:** Choosing a sheet with a high concentration of serum or essence will provide deep moisturizing and nutrition.

### How to choose a gel mask:

  1. **Choose ingredients according to purpose:** Check the ingredients contained in the gel mask according to the purpose, such as moisturizing, cooling, lifting, etc.

  1. **Things with a cooling/heating function:** There are also gel masks that can be chilled or heated in the refrigerator. It is best to choose according to the purpose of use and season.

  1. **Choose a fragrance-free and low-irritant gel mask:** If you choose a gel mask that is fragrance-free and low-irritant, even sensitive skin can use it with confidence.

  1. **Type that does not leave any residue on your skin:** If you choose a type that does not leave a gel on your skin after use, it will be easier to use.

  1. **Disposable or reusable:** Gel masks can be disposable or reusable. It is best to choose one according to your budget and frequency of use.

### Tips on how to use (common to sheet masks and gel masks):

  1. **Use on clean skin after washing your face:** When used on clean skin after removing makeup and dirt, the active ingredients will more easily penetrate into the skin.

  1. **Do a patch test:** Before using a new product, patch test it on your wrist or behind your ears to ensure it feels good on your skin.

  1. **Do not use around the eyes or mouth:** Do not apply directly to the eyes or mouth, and be careful not to get it in your eyes.

  1. **Use on time:** The usage time varies depending on each product, but generally it is around 15 to 20 minutes. Prolonged use may actually dry out your skin.

  1. **After using it, gently press in the remaining essence:** After removing the sheet mask, if there is any remaining essence on your skin, press it gently to blend it into your skin.

  1. **Perform subsequent skin care:** Sheet masks and gel masks are only temporary moisturizing and nutritional supplements. After that, carry out your normal skin care routine.

  1. **Adhere to frequency:** Be sure to follow the frequency of use and avoid putting too much stress on your skin. It is best not to use it every day, but only as needed.

  1. **Effective when used after cooling/heating:** If you are concerned about dryness due to cooling/heating, it is effective to use a sheet mask or gel mask afterward.

  1. **Used when traveling or when you're tired:** Especially when you're on the move or feeling tired, it's a good idea to use a sheet mask or gel mask to refresh yourself.

  1. **Value how you feel:** The condition of your skin and how it feels varies from person to person. Find the usage and frequency that suits your skin, and use it according to your skin condition.

Use a combination of these methods to keep your skin properly hydrated and healthy.


"Your skin is an investment in yourself. Understanding its importance is the secret to beauty." - Julia Beardy


I hope today is a great day for you and your skin.


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